Sneak Peak + Exciting Events!

Things have been really moving around here at Midway Village.  Part of the museum gallery is undergoing construction of a new exhibit while we are preparing to host several events.

In fact, there is so much work needed for the new exhibit that I have been hired on to help out.  This requires that the blog take a hiatus until the exhibit opens in July.  But, dear devoted readers, I have been allowed to give you a sneak peak behind the “Pardon Our Dust” signs that guard the entrances to the exhibit.


If you’ve visited the museum recently, you are familiar with the train depot and furniture factory that make up what we call Phase 1 of the exhibition Many Faces, Once Community that highlights immigration to Rockford.  We are currently constructing Phase 2, which consists of an immigrant home where visitors can walk through a Swedish parlor, an Italian kitchen, and the dining room of a local boardinghouse which represents several ethnicities.  We are also building a streetscape that will showcase businesses that were once on Rockford’s South Main and Seventh Streets.  Visitors will be able to view some stores through their display windows and will be able to walk into others.


We are working to add hundreds of images and hundreds of artifacts to this exhibit.  We’ve had the privilege to work with local people and organizations who have helped us gather the ethnic heritage of Rockford.  This summer, come see, hear, and experience their stories and what it was like to be an immigrant living in Rockford.


Upcoming events!

Minks to Sinks 

April 3-5, sale of good, reusable items to benefit Collections Department and care of artifacts

Special Lecture and WWI Poster Exhibit

Friday April 11 at 7pm.  Local historian Mark Herman will present “From Neutrality to All Out War: The United States Homefront During World War II.”  We will also open the special exhibit “Serving the Cause of Freedom: Propaganda Posters from WWI.”

Admission: $10

The Great War – 100th Anniversary

Saturday April 12 11am – 5pm

Sunday April 13 11am – 4pm

Admission: $10 Adults, $5 Children 3-17, Museum Members are free!

This World War I military event will feature re-enactors portraying soldiers from the United States, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary.  Visitors will walk near encampments, talk to the re-enactors about life as a soldier during The Great War, and learn about the various military equipment.  Displays will include WWI weapons and artifacts, cavalry and medical units, battles and skirmishes in the Village and much more!  Shop vendors booths or stop by the vendor area if you’d like to order a portrait that places you in a WWI background.


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