In Hallowe’en Fashion

There’s only one more day before Halloween – the time of year that represents a line between fall and winter, life and death.  It’s traditionally a day when spirits and ghouls roam the earth and we wear costumes to ward them off.

1920s-30s Paper Jack-O-Lantern Decorations

1920s-30s Paper Jack-O-Lantern Decorations

So – do you have a costume yet?

If not, don’t fret.  Here are some examples of the costumes worn by Rockfordians in the early twentieth century.

Halloween Costume

This Halloween dress was worn in 1905.  It has paper cutouts of little spooks pasted to the skirt.

Owl CostumeThis appears to be an owl costume from the 1920s.  A black owl cutout is stitched to the back of the jacket near the collar.  The hat has several other owl-shaped cutouts stitched to it.  The fringe mimics the feathers of an owl.

Spanish Costume

Gypsy Costume

These two costumes from the 1920s have gypsy or Spanish qualities to them.  The men’s costume appears similar to a matador’s outfit, although the amount of jingle-jangles on both outfits suggest more of a gypsy feel.

Hopefully with these suggestions from the past, you too can whip up a wonderful Halloween costume to frighten off the spooks!

Happy Hallowe’en!


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