Trade in that SUV for a Spark!

If you look out your window, you may notice that Rockford appears to be inside a snow globe.  We’ve had a fairly mild winter thus far, but with Rockford schools, businesses, and other activities closed for the day, it’s best to stay indoors and avoid the perils of the road.  Unless you have a spark!

Norwegian kicksleds date back to at least 1870.  In Sweden and Norway, they are called sparktötting, or just spark (Norweigian for “kick”).  They were used first for transportation, and then for sport.  To ride the spark, one stands on the back footrest and kicks with the other foot.  The chair could be used to rest groceries or a small child.  The wooden handles steer the spark over hard, packed snow or ice.

Be safe out there, and happy sparking!


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One response to “Trade in that SUV for a Spark!

  1. Dan Wykes

    “Going Green” in the old winter times in Rockford, IL!

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